Yummy Yarn :-)

YAY! I don't have to be distressed that WEBS might be out of my yarn anymore because it just arrived at my door. And the Cascade Lana d'Oro is here and absolutely delicious!! I also got two balls of Berrocco X-Press because I needed to bring my order to above the minimum and it looked interesting :)

Here are some photos:

All 10 hanks of my beautiful Lana d'Oro (the color is West Point Blue Heather, its a bit darker than in these photos)

Here is the Lana d'Oro in a big pile :)

Here's the Berrocco X-Press (color Vintage Beige), though I'm not nearly as excited about that...could ya tell!? Lord only knows what I will do with two 42 yd balls of it...


Weight Loss!

Since this is happy news I thought I'd share. I went shopping with my mom and sis today, and I got two pairs of jeans in size SEVENS!!! =D I haven't worn a size 7 since I was in the 7th grade. I've lost 9 lbs. so far. But it could be a tad more since last time I was weighed was at the doctor a couple weeks ago. The real kicker...I WASN'T TRYING!!! Since I lost the first 6 lbs unexpectedly followed by 3 more, I've bought:

1 pair of khaki capris with embroidered rainbow stripes on the sides from the Gap in size 6

1 pair of dusty pink light corduroys from Express in size 6

2 pairs of Levis low-rise stretch bootcut jeans in junior size 7 longs.


I finished my other stash buster slipper but I haven't had time to take pictures of the pair yet. Maybe tomorrow I will do that. For now, it is off to bed.


Slipper and a DNA Cable

So...many thanks to LJ user trillian42, I whipped up a (still haven't done the second one) stash buster slipper! :) I think I'll make a bunch of these and give them as Christmas gifts. I remember getting knitted slippers from my neighbor when I was a little girl and loving them so I'm hoping my friends and family will enjoy them. Also, the other day I decided to overcome my fear of cables and pick up some needles and yarn and learn how to make them. So I knitted a swatch with two repeats of the DNA cable and I'm thrilled with how it came out. I've successfully overcome my fear of both cables AND charts!
Note...all these small easy projects are a distraction from "Topsecret" from the Fall '02 Knitty because I'm frustrated with it. I've started it 4 times and all 4 times by the time I finished the first inch I was missing two stitches. So I decided to take a break from it until I'm less frustrated.


Two of my first slipper =D This is LB wool ease in green heather double stranded with LB wool ease in dark green variegated.

Green Stash Buster Slipper Posted by Hello

Green Stash Buster Slipper Top View Posted by Hello

And two of my DNA cable! Its just some leftover yarn from my stash, not sure if its wool/acrylic/something else.

DNA Cable Swatch Posted by Hello

DNA Cable Closeup Posted by Hello


Stitch in a Bag

I emptied out my knitting bag the other day to organize the stuff I had in it. It didn't take Stitch long to find it!

Hmmmm...this looks comfy, maybe I'll have a nap in here...

Or maybe I won't have a nap because you keep snapping that darn bright light in my eyes

I think I see something to my left! Prepare....POUNCE!

Will you STOP with the flash in my eyes already???

What's this I see? A loop of string? How fun!

Sitchy sure did enjoy my knitting bag...too bad I had to fill it up again! To make up for it I'm going to knit him a cute little kitty bed for Christmas becuase he's the sweetest kitty ever :)And we're on Catster too!


New Porch

I was rudely awakened this morning by lots and lots of loud noise. I discovered that the apartment maintenance people are outside tearing off my porch and building a new one. It's about time, the old one was about to rot to pieces everytime anyone stepped on it. So despite the rude awakening, I'm glad to be getting a new porch.As far as knitting goes, I'm thorougly frustrated with Topsecret. I have started the first inch twice now. Cast on 120st. Purl for 1" then start knitting. But TWICE now I have gotten through the purling (4 rows) and found that I was missing two stitches. I know I didn't do any decreases because I was especially careful not to, so the only thing I can think of is that I just dropped two stitches somewhere????? It's very aggravating. I hate doing the purling rows, it takes forever, and it's a pain to rip out again but it's also near impossible to find and weave up a dropped stitch with the boucle yarn. On a brighter note I finally sat down and figured out how to do TWO things: cables, and read charts. Will post pictures later.