New Porch

I was rudely awakened this morning by lots and lots of loud noise. I discovered that the apartment maintenance people are outside tearing off my porch and building a new one. It's about time, the old one was about to rot to pieces everytime anyone stepped on it. So despite the rude awakening, I'm glad to be getting a new porch.As far as knitting goes, I'm thorougly frustrated with Topsecret. I have started the first inch twice now. Cast on 120st. Purl for 1" then start knitting. But TWICE now I have gotten through the purling (4 rows) and found that I was missing two stitches. I know I didn't do any decreases because I was especially careful not to, so the only thing I can think of is that I just dropped two stitches somewhere????? It's very aggravating. I hate doing the purling rows, it takes forever, and it's a pain to rip out again but it's also near impossible to find and weave up a dropped stitch with the boucle yarn. On a brighter note I finally sat down and figured out how to do TWO things: cables, and read charts. Will post pictures later.


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