Lousy Weekend

Well, it's been a really lousy weekend. I have accomplished close to no schoolwork and even less knitting. I have a quiz in all four of my classes this week, plus the short paper for my writing intensive ecology class due on Thursday. I wouldn't be so worried about the quizzes if I had time to study for them but I'm afraid that this paper will take a while (seeing as I have yet to choose a topic because I know nothing about ecology, or do any research) and that will cut into my studying time. This weekend I intended to do a lot of schoolwork but never really got around to it because I was lazy on Friday afternoon and Saturday and I worked Friday night and all day today. Apparently management is angry that I can't come in on Monday night (I have class from 7-9:30). It's not my fault they scheduled me a day I'm not available. It's not like they don't have a copy of my availability....Arg.

In knitting news, I'm more than halfway done with the bag I'm knitting for my sister out of Berroco Lullaby. I don't have any photos of it yet but hopefully I will get around to taking some soon. It is from a pattern that someone from my LYS wrote (it was free). The bag was originally for Koigu KPPPM on size 2s but I modified it to make it on 7s in the Lullaby because I wasn't sure I was prepared for working with 2s yet when I started (although now I think I could handle it).

I'm also about 6" into Topsecret. It looks fabulous so far and I'm so excited to be knitting my first sweater. I was really frustrated with it for a while because the first inch is all purling and somehow between row 1 and row 4 I continually managed to somehow lose between 1-4 stitches. Since I'm using the recommended Bernat Illusions, which is a boucle yarn it's really hard to rip out row by row or to see any mistakes so I figured I was better out to take it out completely and start over every time it happened. I recasted on and did the purl rows about 5 times before getting really frustrated and putting the whole thing away for a few weeks before trying again. When I started a couple days ago I had to divide the 120 stitches by 20s and count between all the markers to make sure I didn't lose any stitches while purling the first inch. I was glad that my patience paid off, and now I'm into the body portion! Hopefully will have photos of that to post soon too!

Thats all for now, perhaps more later on in the week (after the craziness dies down)



It has been pouring rain since sometime in the middle of the night. The leaves at the top of the trees have been a bit on the orange-ish fall colors side for a couple weeks now. I just looked out my window and all the orangey leaves at the top of the tree across from my window are on the ground and theres just a big bunch of bare branches. This makes me depressed. I'm not ready for fall and winter yet, it feels like summer's barely just started (aside from the fact that I have classes every day and a mountain of schoolwork to remind me that summer is indeed over). Urg. The thought of the schoolwork makes me even more depressed.

Flea Bath!

Stitch-y had a flea bath yesterday. Somehow he acquired fleas...he didn't have any when I got him and I suspect he picked them up at my parents house. So anyway, I decided we are going to get rid of the evil fleas before they get out of hand. Megan came over and helped me give him a flea bath. It was quite an ordeal! Stitch is not as afraid of water as you might think; sometimes he even jumps into the shower with me or Meg and doesn't mind getting a little wet. The wet bathtub is one of his favorite play areas.

I thought this might mean he wouldn't hate a flea bath that much, but boy was I wrong. He HATED getting completely sopping, then we had to hold him in the sink for 5 minutes for the flea shampoo to work. He looked so sad and pitiful and drowned-rat-esque that I just HAD to take pictures to add to my Stitch photo collection :)

Click on the pictures to see them fullsize!

These were taken while he was in the bath.

9.17.04 Stitch covered in gross flea shampoo Posted by Hello

9.17.04 Stitch trying to escape the sink during his flea bath Posted by Hello

These were after his bath was finished and he was all toweled off. He decided he needed to wash himself REALLY well to get rid of all the evil water in his fur ;)

9.17.04 Stitch washing his face Posted by Hello

9.17.04 Little pink kitty tongue! Posted by Hello

Here are a couple more pictures of Stitch being exceptionally cute!

9.16.04 Stitch in the window Posted by Hello

9.16.04 Stitch relaxing...zzzzz Posted by Hello



I think it is entirely necessary that I get much better at knitting and become a cable expert so I can buy this and make it. mmmmmmm.....

Ok, I'll stop dreaming now :) Maybe someday!