Flea Bath!

Stitch-y had a flea bath yesterday. Somehow he acquired fleas...he didn't have any when I got him and I suspect he picked them up at my parents house. So anyway, I decided we are going to get rid of the evil fleas before they get out of hand. Megan came over and helped me give him a flea bath. It was quite an ordeal! Stitch is not as afraid of water as you might think; sometimes he even jumps into the shower with me or Meg and doesn't mind getting a little wet. The wet bathtub is one of his favorite play areas.

I thought this might mean he wouldn't hate a flea bath that much, but boy was I wrong. He HATED getting completely sopping, then we had to hold him in the sink for 5 minutes for the flea shampoo to work. He looked so sad and pitiful and drowned-rat-esque that I just HAD to take pictures to add to my Stitch photo collection :)

Click on the pictures to see them fullsize!

These were taken while he was in the bath.

9.17.04 Stitch covered in gross flea shampoo Posted by Hello

9.17.04 Stitch trying to escape the sink during his flea bath Posted by Hello

These were after his bath was finished and he was all toweled off. He decided he needed to wash himself REALLY well to get rid of all the evil water in his fur ;)

9.17.04 Stitch washing his face Posted by Hello

9.17.04 Little pink kitty tongue! Posted by Hello

Here are a couple more pictures of Stitch being exceptionally cute!

9.16.04 Stitch in the window Posted by Hello

9.16.04 Stitch relaxing...zzzzz Posted by Hello


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