Irish Hiking Scarf-Progress

Here's a couple pictures of my Irish Hiking Scarf for the knit-along (link in the sidebar). I'm 8 repeats (64 rows in). I'm using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in color #300102. I love the way this yarn feels and the stitch definition it has when knitted. The cables stand out wonderfully too! This will be a Christmas gift for my dad along with a matching hat with earflaps :)

Irish Hiking Scarf (8 repeats in) Posted by Hello

Irish Hiking Scarf (8 repeats) detail Posted by Hello

Click for a larger view!

As for everything else, school is really keeping me too busy right now to think about much else. I have a big exam tomorrow morning so I'm spending the entire day today studying, then tomorrow between classes I have to do my homework due Wednesday because I'm working tomorrow night. Ugh...I guess lacking more sleep is necessary (why did I have to go and be a science major!?) but after Wednesday it should be a bit calmer and perhaps I'll have more time to update then.


Well I think this an absolutely cool page not only cause it is a day in the life of Kaitlin (with an "i") and Stitchy-Mann but because I am in it, and because there is a celtic background! YEAH!!! And I know you are all going to be jealous because I get to see all these fun projects up close and personal because I live on Kaitlin's couch!! HAHA! And, as an addition, maybe Kaitlin will add a picture of the new addition to the family....COOPER the latest and greatest kitty! Sooo.... while Kaitlin is studying (and I should be) I thought I'd confess to the knitting audience out there that Kaitlin could just be the next champion knitter but shhhh don't tell.

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I haven't been in love with the Irish Hiking scarf, but I really love the way yours is turning out. Hmm...maybe a trip to the LYS is in store this weekend so I can check out the Cashmerino...Thanks for the great pics!

By Blogger Elisa, at 7:49 AM  

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