New York City

Yup, that's where I was this weekend. Specifically, my sister, my aunt and I took a bus trip to Manhattan to shop. We shopped on 5th Ave and 42nd street, which turned out was not a good place for us since we couldn't afford $3000 tank tops and $800 bags! It was fun, I got a new wallet with a kitty on the front at the Fossil store. I also got a poster with some white flowers on it at some record store. The NY trip meant I did a TON of driving this weekend: to work on Friday, to my parents house to get my sis, to Albany to my aunts; Saturday two 2.5 hour bus trips; Sunday to my parents house from Albany, then to work, then finally home. Its been a long weekend and I haven't accomplished nearly enough homework seeing as I have an ecology midterm on friday =/

I did manage to knit a few more repeats on the Irish hiking scarf. I've finished one whole ball and started a second! I wanted to bring my knitting on the bus but it turned out we were switching buses so we couldn't leave anything on the bus and I didn't want to carry it around all day. Oh well. It was fun. More updates probably not until after Friday night (MY PARTY!!!).


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