So...here's my two cents on the upcoming election. I'm registered as a democrat (and in case you were wondering this is the first election that I will ever be voting in). I'm voting for Kerry. I LOATHE Bush. I LOATHE him as a president so much that if he wins I will seriously consider moving to New Zealand to farm alpacas at least until he is out of office. He screwed our country over royally. He didn't do ANYTHING about Osama bin Laden attacking us, however, he felt it necessary to send thousands of our troops to Iraq to get rid of nonexistant WMD and kill thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. He claims that looking back he wouldn't have done anything differently and sending troops to Iraq wasn't a mistake. Perhaps Bush is not a horrible person (which I cannot judge since I have not met him), but he is obviously not equipped with the intelligence required to run a country. The man cannot even form a complete, intelligible sentence 75% of the time.
I spent a good part of the day listening to political talk on public radio (discussion supporting both sides) and was only reminded of all the reasons why I am a democrat. There was a discussion about voter registration. Apparently there are multiple organizations that spanned several states claiming to be nonpartisan but really were republican. They hired people to approach people on the street and introduce themselves and ask who they would vote for in the elections. If they said they were voting for Bush, the employee was supposed to have the person fill out a voter registration form. If the person said they were voting for Kerry the employee was to thank them and tell them that their comment would be added to the polls. If employees from these organizations took democratic registrations they were shredded and thrown away so hundreds of democrats believe they were registered but in actuality were not. When republicans tried to find the democrats doing similar things they found one or two isolated cases that were only one individual, and really didn't have a big affect on anything. The CROOKEDNESS of the republican party amazes me. It also amazes me that someone can actually vote for a candidate who cuts taxes for the richest people but raises them for the poorest.
As for issues: abortion-I am pro-choice because I can't imagine telling a rape victim who was pregnant that she HAD to go through with the pregnancy; or a crack addict whose child would end up with enormous amounts of birth defects. Gay marriage-I support gay marriage. I don't care what religion anyone is, I don't care if they love men or women or both; if they want to celebrate their union like heterosexuals, I don't see why they shouldn't. As a science oriented person I can see that being gay is often NOT a choice and is instead somehow genetic or inherited. The Christian aspect of marriage holds no meaning to me since people of all religions have marriages: Hindi get married, Jews get married, Christians get married, Buddhists get married. If gay people want to get married, LET THEM! War on Terror-It was wrong for Bush to send troops to Iraq in the first place, however, now it would be irresponsible of any leader to pull the troops and leave the country in shambles. I fear for the other mistakes Bush may make in fighting terror, and I don't think by fighting in Iraq he is making America any safer. In fact it is probably drawing our attention from the actual terrorists who have attacked us and may very well attack us again. I understand that in many cases war is not avoidable, but what blows my mind is the talk of winning/losing wars. It is war: there is no winner, everyone loses in the end. I am probably forgetting a lot of important issues but these are the ones standing out in my mind right now.
As far as the Kerry/Edwards campaign goes, I'm not the hugest fan of Kerry, and I don't like Edwards, but I do think that they will do a much better job in office than Bush. I'm not voting for Kerry just because I'm a registered democrat; if there was a republican running that I liked I might vote republican, however, I tend to agree much more with democrats on most issues. In this case, I just think that Kerry will be a much greater president than Bush ever has or will. And that is why I am voting for Kerry/Edwards on Tuesday.


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