Polar Fleece Knitting

As promised, here's the post about polar fleece knitting! I read this recently, and decided I just had to try it.

So...I went to Walmart (even though I HATE it) and bought some polar fleece. Here's the fleece I got:

Polar Fleece 1 Posted by Hello

I cut in into strips (sorry forgot to take a picture of that) then I knitted my first hat ever! And I didn't even use a pattern!!! I used size 15 circs/dpns and made it up as I went.

Polar Fleece Hat (flat) Posted by Hello

Polar Fleece Hat Posted by Hello

Polar Fleece Hat (on) Posted by Hello

Pardon the crappy picture of me :) I bought 1.5 yards of this fleece (plus 1.5 yards of a different fleece, too) and I used less than 1/2 a yard so I have plenty more to make more hats! With size 15 (10 mm) needles, it took between 2-3 hours INCLUDING cutting the fleece. Superfun and easy project, and it makes a really soft, squishy, warm hat!


WIPs, oh so many WIPs!

Just thought I'd share some of my WIPs!

First, a Manos Cabled Scarf (gift for my Mom for Christmas):

Mom's Cabled Scarf 8 repeats in Posted by Hello

Mom's Cabled Scarf detail shot Posted by Hello

Next up, the Irish Hiking Scarf (for my dad for Christmas):

Irish Hiking Scarf (21? repeats) Posted by Hello

Irish Hiking Scarf (more than halfway done!) detail Posted by Hello

Next...a little purse I've been working on forever...this ones for my sis:

Berocco Lullaby Purse (just finished the back and started the front) Posted by Hello

Berocco Lullaby Purse Flap Posted by Hello

Last but certainly not least...Le Projet Secret!!!!! For someonefor Christmas!

Le Projet Secret....oooooh la la! Posted by Hello

That's all for now because it's late and I'm sleepy. Next post (hopefully tomorrow): POLAR FLEECE KNITTING!
Night all!


Bad Things Happen to Procrastinators...

I have a term paper due on Thursday (the 18th). It is 12-15 pages, no more, no less. All research...lots of journal articles. About bleaching of coral due to global warming and increased sea surface temperatures. It's so effing boring I want to stab myself with an aluminum DPN (since they have no other purpose besides to make your stitches fall off). So. It was supposed to be due Tuesday (tomorrow) but over the weekend I recieved a lovely email saying they changed the due date. So instead of completing it today like I intended to, I decided to procrastinate by knitting a repeat or two of my mom's scarf. Well, SOMEONE knew that I should be doing my term paper instead of knitting, because guess what happened. I turned one cable wrong. Then I turned the next one wrong. TWO wrong cables. Sigh. I had to rip out the whole repeat, and I LOATHE ripping cables. After I finished ripping I finished the repeat correctly, then decided rather than fight with karma anymore, I'd work on my term paper. That was around 12:30. Then I changed my sheets. Then I found another resource on the web. Then I wrote about 3 sentences. Then I decided to update my blog. Yep.....I need serious procrastination therapy :(


Snow :(

It's snowing. A lot. The roads are slippery and everything's white...:( supposed to be 3 inches before its done tomorrow sometime.


Election Results

I'm very angry with 51% of America. How could you vote for Bush? I am likely going to be paying for the damage he's doing to the economy for the next 50 years of my life, not to mention all of the other horrible things. We live in a "free" country and over half the country chooses the candidate who TAKES AWAY our rights. The fact that I live in the same country with people who support this man makes me ashamed to be an American. No, I'm not kidding.



You are bamboo.
Warm, cozy, and thoughtful, you take your time and
enjoy how things feel, smell, and taste. You
love the craft and beauty of traditional
things, and you value the comfort and
experience of knitting as much as the results.
But while you are reveling in your warm cozies,
don't get stuck. Warm is wonderful, but so is
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Surprisingly fitting :)