Bad Things Happen to Procrastinators...

I have a term paper due on Thursday (the 18th). It is 12-15 pages, no more, no less. All research...lots of journal articles. About bleaching of coral due to global warming and increased sea surface temperatures. It's so effing boring I want to stab myself with an aluminum DPN (since they have no other purpose besides to make your stitches fall off). So. It was supposed to be due Tuesday (tomorrow) but over the weekend I recieved a lovely email saying they changed the due date. So instead of completing it today like I intended to, I decided to procrastinate by knitting a repeat or two of my mom's scarf. Well, SOMEONE knew that I should be doing my term paper instead of knitting, because guess what happened. I turned one cable wrong. Then I turned the next one wrong. TWO wrong cables. Sigh. I had to rip out the whole repeat, and I LOATHE ripping cables. After I finished ripping I finished the repeat correctly, then decided rather than fight with karma anymore, I'd work on my term paper. That was around 12:30. Then I changed my sheets. Then I found another resource on the web. Then I wrote about 3 sentences. Then I decided to update my blog. Yep.....I need serious procrastination therapy :(


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