I think I'm growing up.
It's 11:43 PM on a Friday and I'm so wiped out my eyes are drifting closed. For those of you who haven't noticed, I'm a MAJOR night owl. Maybe it's the 8 am classes...Last weekend when I had the chance to sleep in I got up at 9 am on my own!
On top of that, I have a day off from work tomorrow (YAY! I haven't had a Saturday off without asking for it in months!) and I'm really looking forward to just sitting at home and relaxing, cooking dinner for myself, knitting, cleaning, and working on homework. Homework on a Saturday? What's wrong with me???
Anyway, I'm off to knit a few rows on my sock (if I can keep my eyes open long enough) then go to bed!


Too Personal?

The few people who read my blog may remember that back in December I posted an entry about the end of my year. In said entry I made a chronological list of all the important (and mostly awful) things that had happened to me in December to keep me from blogging, or even feeling up to blogging for that matter. One of the major issues I posted was that on December 9 I had broken up with my boyfriend who I'd been with since April 13, 2001. We had been "separated" but still not officially broken up since the end of September.
Today I recieved a comment from "Anonymous" that said "You told me in April you broke up NOT December hun" First of all: we did not break up in April unless I have somehow had some lapse of memory and forgot, which I'm doubtful of. I don't know how anyone at all would get the idea that we'd broken up in April. Why would I post that we'd broken up in December if we'd really broken up 8 months earlier? Secondly, I don't know anyone who would call me "hun" except for said ex-bf. Obviously the commenter is someone who knows me, seeing as I supposedly told him/her that the breakup occurred in April. Lastly, it seems as though if this person didn't have a negative intent in posting said comment, he or she probably would have filled in a name.
I do not know what this commenter intended by posting this, but it's really upset me. Just thinking about what the ex would have thought had he read this before it was deleted makes me cringe. I've deleted the post and in the future I will try to keep my *more* personal life out of this blog. This whole thing has just made me realize that no matter how innocent you think something you post on the internet is, you need to rethink it because regardless of how kind some people are, there are others that are cruel.
The only reason I posted that entry in the first place was to let my readers know why I hadn't blogged in a month or so. I thought it was impersonal enough to put in my blog but I guess I was mistaken. I have enough heartache to deal with right now. I don't need anymore trouble to deal with, so you won't be seeing my more personal life appearing on this blog in the future.


Two FOs and Some WIPs

Sorry for the blog-neglect, folks. Things are a bit crazy. Well, I have for you today, first, another of the Christmas FOs.

This is the Pink Cloud Scarf.
I used Patons Divine (light pink) and Moda Dea Dream (snow white) double stranded and knit it on size US 15 needles in a K3P2 rib. This was given to my Aunt Cathy for Christmas.

Aunt Cathy wearing the Pink Cloud Scarf Posted by Hello

Stitch Detail (Pink Cloud Scarf) Posted by Hello

It was a really fun, fluffy, soft scarf. It worked up really quick on the big needles (but made for really sore hands!) and the yarn despite all the acrylic and man made fibers was REALLY soft. If you haven't touched Moda Dea Dream, go find some and pet it, it's luscious!

Next, a FO for me! As soon as Christmas was over I couldn't wait to get my hands on my Misti Baby Alpaca Chunky to make a scarf. I was going to do a simple rib but decided to make a modified Wavy. I cast on 30 stitches and used size 11 needles. It's not quite as long as I would have liked because I ran out of yarn, but it's really soft and REALLY warm (which is a necessity here right now)! Oh and this still needs to be blocked.

Wavy Posted by Hello

Wavy 2 Posted by Hello

Stitch Detail (Wavy) Posted by Hello

Next, here's some WIPs! First up: my first EVER socks! I'm using Regia Crazy Color sport weight yarn and size 4 dpns. (please ignore my backwards decrease, like I'm trying to! *grrrr*)

Regia Crazy Color Sock (mid foot) Posted by Hello

Next: a Lacy Scarf made from Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush stranded with Filaturia de Crosa Night (for the hint of sparkle). This is going to match a cute little angora bucket hat and convertible mittens I got for Christmas.

Baby Alpaca Brush Lacy Scarf (in progress) Posted by Hello

And last but not least: I started Cathode in Noro Kochoran (color 31) as the MC and Manos (don't remember what color) as the CC. Had to play with the numbers a bit but hopefully it'll work out. So far, I just finished the collar. Being snowed in has allowed ample knitting time!

Cathode Collar Posted by Hello

That's all for now, hopefully now there will be more updates more often!


I'm Knitting Socks!

Guess what folks!? I'm past the heel of my first EVER knitted sock :) I went to the yarn sale at my LYS to hunt for yarn for a Clapotis for myself...found nothing. I couldn't leave without buying something so I picked up some Regia Crazy Color sport-weight sock yarn and size 5 dpns. Well I swatched on 5s and it was too loose. I swatched on 4s and it was perfect. BUT the LYS is closed. No fear, I went to A.C. Moore and got some size 4s and off and away I went! I'm using this pattern. Turning the heel was much easier than I thought. I have a few visible mistakes but I couldn't bear to rip them out. They are thick and probably will be worn only with boots anyway...and plus, I'm learning! Can you all tell by the excessive use of exclamation points that I am super excited? Oh, also, I completed a Newsies hat from Stitch N Bitch Nation in Gedifra Fashion Trend in a Faded Denim Color. Anyways, unfortunately I have no time to take/upload pics of anything today, so it'll have to wait. I have to go reorganize and clean my kitchen. And my living room. And my bedroom. Yes, you get the point. Later, all!


Gratuitous Stitch Photos :)

These were taken a while back but I've been too busy to remember to share them. Can you resist the fuzzy white belly!???

Fat Lazy Stitch Posted by Hello

Tubba kitty! Posted by Hello

Attacking the camera strap

Stitch being a funny kitty Posted by Hello

Gotta love that face!

[FO] Holiday Knitting - Clapotis

So, I decided I'm going to post one FO at a time (to keep from having one ENORMOUS entry). I chose Clapotis to post first because it's my favorite.
Pattern: Clapotis
Yarn Used: 5 skeins of Artyarns Supermerino in color 105 (this is my new yarn love!)
Needles: size 8 Clover bamboo circs

Modifications: I did one less increase section, making the straight rows only 95 stitches across. I had JUST enough yarn.
Gifted: to my Aunt Mary Anne who had an inkling to teach me how to knit when I went away to college but never had any idea that it would become such an obsession! She looooved Clapotis and is now hunting for yarn to make one for herself (as am I!)

Here are a couple pics of Clapotis blocking:

Clapotis blocking  Posted by Hello

That is a twin size bed (for size reference).

One corner of Clapotis blocking Posted by Hello

Here is a picture of the stitch detail (my favorite)!

Clapotis detail Posted by Hello

Finally here are a few of the happy recipient!

Aunt Mary Anne opening Clapotis Posted by Hello

Aunt Mary Anne wearing Clapotis Posted by Hello

Aunt Mary Anne wearing Clapotis 2 Posted by Hello

I realllly loved this project (seems to me that everyone who has made it has the same sentiments)! I want to make one for myself but I'm on a budget. I'm thinking of ordering some yarn from Handpaintedyarn.com for mine. I decided I want red (atypical for me, but hey it's a new year!)...but there are too many beautiful reds to choose from!!! Ahhh...the joys of decision making :) Hope everyone's new year is going well!