I'm Knitting Socks!

Guess what folks!? I'm past the heel of my first EVER knitted sock :) I went to the yarn sale at my LYS to hunt for yarn for a Clapotis for myself...found nothing. I couldn't leave without buying something so I picked up some Regia Crazy Color sport-weight sock yarn and size 5 dpns. Well I swatched on 5s and it was too loose. I swatched on 4s and it was perfect. BUT the LYS is closed. No fear, I went to A.C. Moore and got some size 4s and off and away I went! I'm using this pattern. Turning the heel was much easier than I thought. I have a few visible mistakes but I couldn't bear to rip them out. They are thick and probably will be worn only with boots anyway...and plus, I'm learning! Can you all tell by the excessive use of exclamation points that I am super excited? Oh, also, I completed a Newsies hat from Stitch N Bitch Nation in Gedifra Fashion Trend in a Faded Denim Color. Anyways, unfortunately I have no time to take/upload pics of anything today, so it'll have to wait. I have to go reorganize and clean my kitchen. And my living room. And my bedroom. Yes, you get the point. Later, all!


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