Too Personal?

The few people who read my blog may remember that back in December I posted an entry about the end of my year. In said entry I made a chronological list of all the important (and mostly awful) things that had happened to me in December to keep me from blogging, or even feeling up to blogging for that matter. One of the major issues I posted was that on December 9 I had broken up with my boyfriend who I'd been with since April 13, 2001. We had been "separated" but still not officially broken up since the end of September.
Today I recieved a comment from "Anonymous" that said "You told me in April you broke up NOT December hun" First of all: we did not break up in April unless I have somehow had some lapse of memory and forgot, which I'm doubtful of. I don't know how anyone at all would get the idea that we'd broken up in April. Why would I post that we'd broken up in December if we'd really broken up 8 months earlier? Secondly, I don't know anyone who would call me "hun" except for said ex-bf. Obviously the commenter is someone who knows me, seeing as I supposedly told him/her that the breakup occurred in April. Lastly, it seems as though if this person didn't have a negative intent in posting said comment, he or she probably would have filled in a name.
I do not know what this commenter intended by posting this, but it's really upset me. Just thinking about what the ex would have thought had he read this before it was deleted makes me cringe. I've deleted the post and in the future I will try to keep my *more* personal life out of this blog. This whole thing has just made me realize that no matter how innocent you think something you post on the internet is, you need to rethink it because regardless of how kind some people are, there are others that are cruel.
The only reason I posted that entry in the first place was to let my readers know why I hadn't blogged in a month or so. I thought it was impersonal enough to put in my blog but I guess I was mistaken. I have enough heartache to deal with right now. I don't need anymore trouble to deal with, so you won't be seeing my more personal life appearing on this blog in the future.


Don't let it stop you from saying what you want, that person is pathetic for being so wimpy that they didn't even let you know who they were. Don't worry about it, there are negative people out there, who are jealous of those of us with real lives. Again, don't let it bother you, and just go on doing your thing!

By Blogger Ashik0, at 11:46 PM  

Popping from the New England Knit Ring, and I'd just like to say that sometimes I forget to put my name in and then I hit "send" and it's too late to fix it. And sometimes I mis-remember dates, and sometimes I read a blog a lot without commenting, but get to "know" the writer so that, in sympathy, I might one day call her "hun". On the other hand, maybe it really was a creepy person, what do I know? I'm just saying that I like to give people the benefit of the doubt; either that or a LOT of space.

By Anonymous Ellen in Conn, at 3:41 PM  

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