The Music Thing

There's been this music thing going around. I couldn't resist!

Pick a band or artist and answer the questions using only the titles of their songs.

Artist: Sarah McLachlan
01. Are you male or female: Perfect Girl
02. Describe yourself: Drifting
03. How do some people feel about you: Good Enough

04. How do you feel about yourself: Train Wreck
05. Describe an old girlfriend/boyfriend: Path of Thorns
06. Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend/interest: Building a Mystery
07. Describe your best friends: I Will Not Forget You

08. Where are you: Home
09. Describe what you want to be: Angel

10. Describe how you live: Do What You Have To Do
11. Describe how you love: Fumbling Towards Ecstacy

12. Share a few words of wisdom: Wear Your Love Like Heaven
13. What is your biggest fear: World on Fire

I did a bad thing...

Yup that's right. I have knitter's ADD: BAD. Did I work on Cathode last night? Did I work on Topsecret? Did I cast on for my second sock? Did I work on my mom's Christmas scarf???? That's a big fat no to every single one. What did I do? I casted on for Mariah. Wheeee! I loooooove the cables :)


Sock Pictures!!

I promised pictures. I know I said it would be a couple days ago, but hey, I'm a busy college girl. This is the first of a pair (there will be a second someday!)

Sock #1! Posted by Hello

Sock #1 (on) Posted by Hello

And...kitchener stitch...first time ever!!!

Sock #1 Toe Posted by Hello

Kitchener Stitch Posted by Hello

It's a lovely little sock, isn't it? *sigh*
Now...to knit up a mate!



I LOOOOOOOVE socks! :) Pictures to come tomorrow!!!!!